Resource Directory

Below you will find a list of resources to help you on your TULIPS journey. It is by no means an exhaustive list; think of it more as a starting point designed to signpost you in the right direction. Not all the resources shared here are necessarily ones that are the best for you. Therefore you are encouraged to do your own research and due diligence to ensure that you receive the support that is right for your individual circumstance.

Tidying Up

Digital Legacy Association

The Digital Legacy Association offers education, training and resource materials to both organisation and members of the public to ensure their digital end of life and legacy wishes are understood and carried out.

One Stop Organisers

London based but working across the UK, One Stop Organisers helps retired people with any number of tasks ranging from finding a reliable tradesperson and decluttering, to project management and house clearing.


Settld is an online platform enabling you to notify utilities providers, banks and insurance companies - among others - about the death of someone so that accounts can be closed, frozen or transferred ... in one go.

Leaving Instructions

Institute of Professional Willwriters

A not-for-profit self-regulatory organisation; if you're looking for someone to help make your will, the IPW member directory may be a place to start your search.

Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

Many willwriters and estate planners will be members of 'STEP'. Although the website is predominantly aimed at their members, it has a number of useful public information leaflets.

Compassion in Dying

An organisation supporting people prepare for end of life including, future care. They specialise in helping people make Advance Decisions and offer a free information line.

Planning Your Send-Off

Down to Earth (QSA)

Down to Earth is an initiative by Quaker Social Action, and is specifically designed to offer practical support for people struggling with funeral costs.

The Good Funeral Guide

The Good Funeral Guide describes itself as the UK’s only not-for-profit independent information resource for funeral advice. Full of helpful information and resources.

The Natural Death Centre

For those interested in exploring natural burials, The Natural Death Centre offers independent information and support in understanding the options available.

The Vase (Online)

There are a number of online end of life planning platforms – here are just a few. They vary in their language and design so it’s worth spending some time researching, comparing and picking the one that resonates most with you.

Helpful Organisations

End of Life Doula UK

End of Life Doulas offer non-medical support to those with a terminal illness, as well as the people around them.

Soul Midwives

Soul Midwives offer pastoral support and a range of gentle (non-medical) therapies to dying people, as well as those around them.

Before I Go Solutions

Before I Go offers direct support to anyone interested in making their end of life plan via trained facilitators.

Helpful Books

Useful Government Web Pages

The GOV.UK website has a huge amount of useful information – here are direct links to some of the most pertinent pages.