Welcome to my Everything Page!

I’m all about making things as easy as possible and that includes keeping all my work in one place! This way you don’t have to trawl through multiple pages trying to figure out what’s relevant to you and what isn’t. So I’ve collated all the guides, resources and courses on this one page so you can easily decide what works for you and click straight through to it.

The page is divided into three sections:

> Free Learning Resources: for those who want to dip their toes in what End of Life Planning involves with no commitment

> Self-Study ‘Make Your Plan’ Resources: for those of you who like to get things done independently, you just need a signpost to show you the way

> Guided ‘Make Your Plan’ Resources: for those who prefer to work in tandem with others, either in a small group or on a 1:1 basis

I will be adding/amending/updating this list periodically but if there is a resource you’d really like to see and it’s not mentioned, then do get in touch and ask – I’ll do my very best to make it happen!

Free Learning Resources

In this 16 minute training, discover what you need to know to ‘prep the ground’ for making your End of Life Plan using the ‘TULIPS’ method. >> Watch the Training!

If you’re looking for an at-a-glance overview of what makes up an End of Life Plan without the overload, this one-pagechecklist is for you. >> Grab the Checklist!

Sometimes you need to learn more about a subject before you can take any action. Here are 30 great resources to help help you do just that. >> Get 30 Useful Resources in 1 Easy Download!

Want all of the above and a little bit more? Then check out the free resource library – I periodically update it so it stays relevant and useful! >> Get Access to the Full Free Resource Library!

If you don’t know where to start with all this End of Life Planning stuff then grab a beverage of your choice and lets’s figure it out together! >> Book a Free 30 Minute Chat

Self-Guided ‘Make Your Plan’ Resources

This full-colour workbook provides a step-by-step guide to help you plan and prepare for all aspects of death and end of life matters.  >>Purchase it here

A self-study course exploring TULIPS – a practical framework to help you make your End of Life Plan >> Find All The Details Here

Guided ‘Make Your Plan’ Resources

A 90-minute 1:1 session working directly with me. We’ll identify the steps you need to put your End of Life Plan in place and make it ‘doable’! >>Book Here

A 10-week small group (8 people max) coaching programme that will guide you step-by-step in putting together your End of Life Plan. >>Discover the details here

I’d be delighted to work with you on a 1:1 basis and design a perfect package of support that is right for you and your needs.

If that sounds like a good fit for you, then let’s start with a free 30 minute chat and take it from there (or not – it’s no obligation, obvs!) 🙂