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The Dockleaf Core Essentials Programme

Helping You Make Your End of Life Plan Now to Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Peace of Mind Later

are you someone who...

Imagine if you had all the information, support and step-by-step guidance you needed to get your affairs in order in less than a month


Are you one of life’s planners, who’s usually organised about everything but have never given any thought to the importance of End of Life Planning? 

Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to complete your initial End of Life Plan, in 4 weeks or less, so that both you and your loved ones have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that should anything happen to you, they can carry out your final wishes with confidence and ease.

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Why does this programme exist?


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Hi, I'm Annette!

Annette Earl | End of Life Planning Coach

I started my professional life as a librarian and in many ways, I think being an End of Life Planning Coach is a natural extension of that.

A library is a safe space where absolutely everyone is welcome. They’re inclusive, and their purpose is to enable anyone to find and access the information that they are looking for. 

And for me, that includes knowing about the choices and options available to us as we approach the end of our life.

Sometimes the librarian knows the answer, sometimes they don’t. But they almost certainly know how to get it! 

And that’s my job. I am a librarian for End of Life Planning. I don’t have all the answers, but I work with people who come into my ‘library’ with questions.

I create a safe space for them to be able to ask those questions, support them in exploring the possible answers and help them find the information they need so that they can understand what is right for them.

I’ve trained with organisations such as Samaritans and Cruse as well as volunteering as a pastoral support worker at my local hospital. I also run a local Death Café and am a member of The Good Funeral Guild and supporter of Dying Matters.

I fundamentally believe that it is every person’s right to have a good death, in whatever way that is meaningful for them.

And for that reason, I will continue my learning and education on death and end of life matters so that I can be the best ‘End of Life Planning Librarian’ I can be!

Adult Education Couple
"Working with Annette Earl has been incredibly valuable for me. Her sensible and structured approach to End of Life Planning is so easy to follow step by step and ensure that you've covered all the bases. I highly, highly recommend her services. She has a plethora of great resources and packages of support to suit all circumstances. You're in amazingly good hands with Annette!"
Cathy Chiplen
Cathy Chiplen
Reflexologist & Soul Midwife



Bonus #1: Individual 1:1 Sessions

Receive individual, bespoke support via two 1:1 sessions with me, (at the programme mid-point and end-point), each tailored to whatever aspect of the programme you want to focus on.

Bonus #2: Advance Decision Module

Introduction to a little-known legal document in England and Wales, an Advance Decision (aka Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment) may sometimes be referenced in a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Bonus #3: Expert Insight Sessions

A series of interviews with those 'in the know'. Discover the key takeaways a Willwriter, Celebrant and Funeral Director and others want you to have by sharing via their expert insights.

Bonus #4: Resource Directory

A comprehensive listing to all the resources and organisations available to help with End of Life Planning. Includes websites, podcasts, video and books, as well as signposting to bereavement support.

"Annette is a great End of Life coach with a good deal of knowledge - I know because together with a group of Grief Cafe-ers we did a test run with her new End of Life planner. It wasn't easy collating info that our nearest and dearest will want to know, getting round to making a will, thinking about our funeral/memorial service and much more. But Annette made it very real, what if we died yesterday! Even as people who are thoughtful about death and our own mortality it took a lot to get to grips with things and Annette helped us manage it."
Fiona Law
Fiona Law
Grief Cafe Coordinator


Over 10 hours of live coaching and support

(valued at £750)

Individual weekly support and guidance

(valued at (£400)

10 weeks of focused training videos

(valued at £450)

Bundle of bonus supplementary resources

(valued at £500)

Total Value: £2100

Your Total Investment: £600

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And Make Your End of Life Plan Now to Give Loved Ones the Gift of Peace of Mind Later

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

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When you purchase the Dockleaf Core Essentials Programme you’re protected by a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don’t feel you’ve had value and you want to cancel just drop me an email and I’ll issue a full refund. That means you get access to the full programme completely risk-free.

I’m  confident you’ll get good value but if you don’t feel that’s the case then there’s no argument.  You’ll get a prompt refund – and no questions asked.

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Got questions? Email me at annette@annetteearl.com

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