Planning for Life Through End of Life Planning

Giving You Peace of Mind Now, Gifting Others Peace of Mind Later

Before You Go Pushing Up Daisies...
Make Sure You Plant TULIPS

But which colour should you plant first?

Um, did you say ‘End of Life Planning’? Not sure that’s my thing…

I sure did and I get it. It can seem kind of … weird and a bit ‘icky’ (technical term).

But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Think of it this way – End of Life Planning is a way of being comfortable with answering the question:

If I had died yesterday, what have I put in place to make things easier for those around me today?

Asking (Expecting?) someone else to close down your life is a big deal and a pretty tricky one if you don’t give them a map to work with.

That’s where End of Life Planning comes in. Think of it as tidying up ‘as you go’ so that there’s less mess for other people to deal with when the time comes. The Dockleaf Conversations approach is to plant TULIPS:

Tidy Up – Leave Instructions – Plan Your Send-Off

End of Life Planning is for everyone and is best done when it’s not ‘needed’. 

It will bring you Peace of Mind now, and help give those around you Peace of Mind later.

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Blue Tulip Image
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Ready to Plant Your First TULIPS? Start Here...

Got 10 minutes?

5 Things Graphic

Read: 5 Things Sheets

A series of information sheets pointing to resources to read, listen or watch on various End of Life Planning topics. So no matter how you like to learn, there's definitely something here for you!

Got 20 minutes?

Planting TULIPS Training Image

Watch: Planting TULIPS

There's a lot of work that goes into making an End of Life Plan but there are three main areas to think about which I call 'TULIPS'. This short training gives an overview of each one in turn.

Got 30 minutes?

Free 30 Minute Chat

Talk: Let's Chat!

If you're not sure where to begin and want a space to think it through, then let's chat over a hot beverage for 30 minutes to see if we can find the starting point that's right for you. 😊

"End of Life Planning is a delicate and sensitive subject, but it can also be a rewarding and meaningful one."

Hi, I'm Annette! 👋

I’m the person behind Dockleaf Conversations and everything on this website.

I fundamentally believe that every person has the right to a ‘good death’ – whatever that means for them. But for this to happen, we need to know what our options are, what choices are available to us and what actions we need to take to make them happen.

It’s a lot. Very often, we need time to think. To reflect. To discuss. 

End of Life Planning can raise questions that are not always easily answered which is why some people just find it easier to do this with someone else rather than on their own. 

So if you just need a little bit of help to take that first step, then I’m here to do that with you and that’s why Dockleaf Conversations exists. This website brings together tools, ideas and resources to facilitate meaningful thoughts and reflections to help plan and prepare for all aspects of death and end of life matters.

Spoiler alert: some of it is actually pretty fun!

As with most things in life, it starts with a conversation. I would be privileged if you would allow me to join you in having this one. Thank you.

Annette Earl | End of Life Planning Coach